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About Us

We have a management team with a combined 90 years of industry experience, and offer a complete insurance solution to Credit Providers operating in a variety of industries. Clients of Credit Providers are significant consumers of insurance products for which we provide targeted products compliant with the relevant regulatory bodies.

We have a client base spread across South Africa and into Sub-Saharan Africa and provide solutions to businesses both large and small. The majority of our clients are involved in providing unsecured credit to the low to mid LSM market whether it be in cash, or products sold on credit.

We are an active service provider member and supporter of Micro Finance South Africa, an independent industry association, and believe that the solutions we offer assist with maintaining and developing the Micro Finance community.

Our Products

  • ASPIS Assist

    ASPIS ASSIST is an insurance product designed for both the Credit Provider and borrower where the Credit Provider can obtain cover for a borrower’s outstanding obligations on credit agreement(s) in the event of the borrower’s death, and the borrower can nominate a beneficiary to benefit from the difference between their obligations to the Credit Provider and their chosen cover/ benefit amount for which premiums are paid.

  • Funeral Policy

    Structured for the micro lending market. Excellent benefits and well-priced.

    This product is sold via InsurApp. Beneficiaries can include spouse and family members. Proceeds from a claim are paid to the nominated beneficiaries.

  • Voluntary Death Cover

    This product is sold via InsurApp and is only available to Credit Provider clients. (This is a single member, no waiting period assistance policy, that covers the life of the borrower).

    Proceeds from a claim are paid to the nominated beneficiaries of the deceased.

  • Credit Life Insurance

    Protects a Credit Provider’s most important asset against certain unforeseen risks. The policy provides cover in the event of the borrower’s death, disability or retrenchment during the period of the credit agreement. The proceeds from a claim is used to settle the borrower’s outstanding balance to the Credit Provider.

    Legislation stipulates that a Credit Provider is entitled to have a mandatory Credit Life Insurance policy covering each individual credit agreement and that the premium is paid by the borrower.

    Other than protecting the Credit Provider’s most important asset, Credit Life Insurance provides protection to the families of the consumer in that Credit Providers will not look to beneficiaries or family members to settle outstanding loan balances.

“As competition increases in the industry, it is important to understand consumer behaviour”


Product Distribution

InsurApp is an innovative, seamless and easy to use mobile application that is an independent platform to provide insurance products to clients of the Credit Provider.

Marketing material printed and supplied as required to our clients to assist with the selling process.


We have a team on standby to assist in any queries that you may have.

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  • 031 818 0005

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  • 45 Old Main Rd, Kloof, 3640

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